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Brow Services

Fabulous Eyebrows Everyday with Brow Services in Happy Valley-Goose Bay

Have you ever noticed that your face gets an instant lift when you get your brows done? You look groomed, confident, and different. That is the power of perfectly groomed brows. Now, imagine the same feeling of confidence every morning. Beauty Valley Spa can help you flaunt perfectly groomed brows every day of your life with the help of brow services in Happy Valley-Goose Bay. We have a trained team to help you choose the right shape for your brows and create the perfect look. You can trust us to give your face the right lift it needs for a fabulous look. 

So, what are you waiting for? Book your appointment today for a gorgeous everyday look!

Brow Lamination

Brow laminations are a gentle, semi-permanent way to perm your eyebrows, straightening them and giving you a fuller look.


​Brow lamination is a great service for those who want to groom their brows into more of the desired shape - especially for those with unruly brows or curly hair.

​Price List

Brow lamination | 85

  • *Includes optional brow wax and tint.


Other brow services:

  • Brow wax | 18

  • Brow tint | 20

  • Brow wax + tint | 35

Collage with photos of young woman before and after permanent makeup procedure

Perfect Brows

We know about all the techniques to help you get the perfect brows.

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