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Eyelash Extensions

Professional Eyelash Extensions in Happy Valley-Goose Bay

The lash specialists at Beauty Valley Spa work with a variety of volumes, lengths and curls to give you the eyelash extensions you desire. Whether you want a glam look or a classic look, we can do it for you! We work with high-quality, lightweight lashes so that they feel natural and you are comfortable flaunting them without any apprehensions. All you have to do is book an appointment, show up with a no-makeup face, and our stylist will take care of the rest. 


We offer a variety of other lash services, such as lash lift and lash tints. Please browse through the page to understand more about our eyelash services.

Beautiful Woman with long eyelashes in a

Lash Extensions

  • Classic full set | 140

  • Classic fill | 60

  • Hybrid full set | 150

  • Hybrid fill | 65

  • Volume full set | 160

  • Volume fill | 70

  • Lash bath | 20

  • Lash extension removal | 40


*Lash fills are recommended every 2-3 weeks. Must have 50% of lashes left to be considered a fill. Anything past 4 weeks is considered a new set.

Young woman undergoing eyelash tinting and lamination procedure

Lash Lift & Tint

​Lash lifts provide a semi-permanent curl to your lashes. This is an efficient way to keep a natural look and cut off time using an eyelash curler in the mornings!


Add lash tint to give the complete mascara look - without the morning hassle!


  • ​Lash lift | 60

  • Lash lift & tint | 75

  • Lash lift & tint, + brow tint | 90


*Lash lifts do NOT add length to the lashes; however, it is perfectly safe to use mascara.


Recommended every 4-5 weeks.

Eyebrow care products and tools

Lash Care

We provide all lash services here at Beauty Valley and sell all the lash products you need to care for them!


  • ​Lash cleanser | 15.00

  • Tubed mascara wands | 8.99

  • Lash cleanser brush | 3.99

  • Lash extension safe eyeliner | 20.99

  • Silk sleep masks | 26.99

  • Lash serum | 69.99

Want Fuller Lashes?

We will help you find the right solution to make your eyelashes look fuller and more beautiful.

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