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Nail & Pedicures

Therapeutic Pedicure Services in Happy Valley-Goose Bay

A therapeutic pedicure and a beautiful nail extension service can take all your worries off at the end of a hectic day! Have you ever thought that a quick nail makeover has the power to make your hands look glamorous instantly? 

In the age of constant running around, stressful jobs, and immense work pressure, you need a few moments to feel good about yourself. Your beautiful hands and feet can make you feel alive again. Pamper yourself with the smallest of gestures because you deserve to feel beautiful. At Beauty Valley Spa in Happy Valley-Goose Bay, we understand your feelings and provide therapeutic pedicure services so you go home relaxed and feeling glamorous. Our studio in Happy Valley-Goose Bay is your pampering parlour. Visit us for a quick makeover.

Nail Enhancements

Gel nail services

Full set extensions

  • Short | 70

  • Medium | 75

  • Long | 80

  • XL | 85

  • XXL | 90



  • Short | 60
    + 3 per broken or fully lifted nail

  • ​Medium | 65
    + 4 per broken or fully lifted nail

  • ​Long | 70
    +5 per broken or fully lifted nail

  • ​XL | 75
    +6 per broken or fully lifted nail

  • ​XXL | 80
    +7 per lifted or broken nail

​Gel overlay

  • Top coat only | 50

  • One Colour | 10

  • Per Additional Colour | 5


​Nail removal & repair

  • Gel polish | 25
    File down + Soak Off

  • Hard gel | 50
    Gently file each nail completely off

  • ​Nail repairs | 15
    Per nail between appointment


​Nail art extras

  • Decals | 1 per decal

  • Swarovski | 1 per crystal

  • Line work | 5 per nail

  • Chrome | 5 per nail

  • Foil | 3 per nail

  • Hand painted | 5 per nail

Natural Nail Services

The Classic Gel Mani

Renew and beautify your nails, beginning with exfoliating the skin, nail shaping, cuticle care, and a hand massage.


Finish with a colour gel polish of your choice | 50

​The Beauty Valley Mani

Unwind, and forget your worries with our signature mani. Treat your hands to the Dead Sea salt soak, followed by an exfoliating sugar scrub, nail shaping, cuticle care, and a great Paraffin Wax to treat those hands.


Finish with a relaxing hand massage and gel polish of your choice. | 60


  • Additional colour | 5

  • French Mani polish | 15

The Kiddie Mani

  • For kiddies 12 and younger!

  • Includes nail shaping, polish, and/or nail art. | 45


Treat yourself to a relaxing pedicure with a complimentary beverage at Beauty Valley Spa!


Our technicians are specially trained to pamper your feet, whether it's a quick pedi on the go or our signature pedicure with paraffin wax!

The Mini Pedi | 60

  • Great treatment for those on the go!

  • Includes a Dead Sea salt soak, toenail cleanup, and foot and lower leg massage.

  • Topped off with a colour polish of your choice.

The Classic Pedi | 75

Your tired feet deserve a luxurious treatment with our Classic Pedi. Starting with a calming foot bath that includes a Dead Sea salt soak, nail grooming and cuticle care, and the removal of any dead skin and calluses.


Enjoy a foot, and lower leg massage topped off with a colour polish of your choice.

The Beauty Valley Pedi | 85

Our signature pedicure is time to give you the proper relaxing treatment for your feet.


Begin with a Dead Sea salt foot bath. Next, nail and cuticle care, followed by dead skin and callus removal.


Paraffin wax is used to treat your aching feet, also helping with dryness and cracked skin.


Enjoy a foot and a lower leg massage as if it couldn't get any better.


Topped with your choice of colour polish.

The Kiddie Pedi | 45

Enjoy a foot soak, toenail and cuticle care, and foot and leg massage.


Finish with a colour polish of your choice.


  • Paraffin wax (Mini/Classic Pedi) | 10

  • Gel polish | 10

  • Gel polish removal | 20

Beautiful Hands & Feet

Our staff knows exactly what you need for a great pampering session.

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