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Piercings & Waxing

Waxing Services in Happy Valley-Goose Bay for Smooth Skin

Feather-soft skin without any discomfort! Isn’t that a dream? 


At Beauty Valley Spa in Happy Valley-Goose Bay, we make dreams come true. Our team is trained and experienced to provide you with the most comfortable experience by using the right waxing techniques. When you visit our spa for waxing, you can relax knowing that we use only safe and tested top-of-the-line products. We have a hygienic facility to make your hair removal experience comfortable. Our professionals will help you with a patch test to ensure that your skin is not sensitive to the product that we are using. You can also talk to our staff if you have any doubts or need clarification.


Enjoy the benefits of waxing with our skilled technicians.

Price List​

  • Eyebrows | 18

  • Upper lip | 13

  • Chin | 15

  • Full face | 35

  • Under arms | 25

  • Full arms | 40

  • Half arms | 27

  • Full legs | 50

  • Half legs | 40

  • Toes | 5

  • Back | 45

  • Chest | 45

  • Full torso (chest & stomach) | 55

  • Bikini | 40

  • French bikini | 45

  • Full body (includes: eyebrows, upper lip/chin, under arms, half legs and bikini) | 130

Sugaring procedure on legs done by a spa

Piercing Services

Beauty Valley Spa provides hygienic and pain-free piercing services in Happy Valley-Goose Bay. Our certified technicians use a hand-held pressure device for all piercings.


​Price List

  • Single ear | 30

  • Both ear lobes | 50

  • Upper ear | 45

  • Nose | 60

  • Dr. Pierce Body Piercing Cleanser | 5


Each piercing comes with piercing jewelry.


​We sell a selection of earrings, nose studs, hoops, belly button rings and so on.


All jewelry starts at 5.00+.

Piercings that Look Fab

You can trust our certified technicians for a comfortable piercing experience.

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